PMA started off as a dream in 2015 to sell art through our website. We then expanded to a gallery in 2016, so that our artists could have an audience and art lovers could browse through the array of beautiful art pieces. This allowed all our artists to become a part of a burgeoning social family of creativity. You can still view their art here Artists

NOW we have now introduced CANVAS PRINTING SPECIALISTS at Pic Me Art, which initially started as a spinoff service. It continues to grow in popularity. For this reason, we are migrating to an ON LINE ORDER service, which will be so much easier for the customer.

We offer ONE DAY service. Simply email us your Hi-Res photo, with a short description of your requirements. Then collect your finished canvas the following day. We hope to hear from you soon!
In conjunction with our canvas printing, we continue to represent a number of magnificent South African Artists. Our artists showcase their art on our website, and love to share their love of art with others. The website was created initially, with the intention to give a wide range of artistically inclined folk a platform to air their wares.. 
Please feel free to browse through our Artist’s galleries and contact us if you would like to know more about them or if you have any queries.
PIC ME ART is established on Facebook and Instagram. It is well supported and growing. It has become a forum where anybody can get on board to potentially be invited or accepted onto the website where they can have their very own page – a page that will be among other talented artists and supported with information and many creative ideas. The world, and in particular, South Africa has so much talent across a huge spectrum of individuals – all races, all ages, all abilities who don’t have an outlet to show their talents. Now they DO! And we are looking out for them